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2013 leaf motif. For this years leaves, I wanted to go very light. This collection includes various leaf shapes in a "waterfall" pattern.

Flower Drum Song
2012 leaf motif. Gingko leaves are indiginous to Asia. Each design is given a Japanese girl's name.

The Road to
2011 leaf motif. As I was finishing the first piece, I was watching a Bob Hope/Dorothy Lamore Road flick. The leaves reminded me of her jungle print sarong.

Lily Padooza
Each disk is dried on a wavy stone. They remind me of little lily pads. Hence, the name. This design is the forerunner to my Sunset collection.

I know, it's a strange
name. It started out a few years ago as connected hoops and morphed into the contemporary cut rings that I use today.

s collection started out when I tried to marble bronze and pure silver clays. The combination can often create pits and craters. It was so popular that, now, I combine many different types of clay for different effects.
Stone Creek
Very long necklaces seem to be quite popular right now. I love semi-precious stones. I married the two in this collection.

For years customers asked at my shows if I had any crosses. So when I jumped in--I jumped in big time.

Geo Punk
A combinatino of "geometric" and "punk", this collection is great for any wardro

Things with Wings
Everyone likes dragonflies and butterflies. That's what you get with this collection.

y collections from the past remain popular with my customers so I make a few from time to time. This is where you'll find those old favorites.

All things equine.


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Bead Pendants

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Finished chains are available a number of styles and in three lengths: 18", 24" & 30". Styles are base metal brass or steel with bronze (B), copper (C) or matte 24k gold (G) plate. Raku (R) is specially treated matte bronze chain. Because chains are treated, without chemicals) one at a time, each will look slightly different.

"Art is a collaboration between God and the artist, and the less the artist does the better"
-Andre Gide

"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep."
-Scot Adams

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