What is Metal Clay?

Metal clays are pure metals in clay form. Microscopic fine particles of metal are mixed with water and an organic, cellulose based binder. Metal clays look and feel like ordinary clay but when fired the binder burns off and the molecules of metal sinter. While some metals can be fired with a simple butane micro-torch, larger items and other clays need a kiln to fire properly. Art Clay Silver and Gold was created and patented by Aida Chemical Industries of Japan from non-toxic, recycled materials. Finished pieces are 99.9% fine silver or 22k gold.

Base metals are new a varied, debuting in 2008. Currently bronze, copper and steel are available from different companies based in the USA, Japan and Turkey. This is the most current explosion in the world of metal clays and of great interest to artists and consumers because of its unique look and relatively low cost.

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